Gone but not Forgotten (I promise!)

Moving house is one of the most stressful things you can do. I can confirm that doing it twice in less than a month causes breakouts of stress-related problems such as, and not limited to, eczema, psoriasis, weight gain, and probably more grey hairs. Thankfully though I’m blonde so will get away with the grey hairs for another few years!

So I have a totally legitimate reason for not posting anything in nearly two months. Or supporting anybody else’s posts. I haven’t even been on to read anything so I’ve a lot of catching up to do. If I follow you expect a deluge of notifications from me the next few days!

The best thing about being away from my laptop for a while was that I still had that urge to write. So much happened alongside the move that I wanted to sit down and put it all in words but I just never got the time. The first place I moved to I was staying with family and was pretty much restricted to living in just one room. I’d never been so sick of a takeaway as I was at that point as I rarely got the opportunity to use the kitchen. Add to that my stuff was split over three houses and my cats over another two and I was heading for a meltdown of ballistic proportions!

I got the phone call for my new house in the middle of August and I’m glad to say that I am all moved in and am well on the way to making it cosy for my son and me! But not before time either. When I got here the house was disgusting. Urine stains on the wood tiles upstairs, the walls and ceilings were nicotine yellow and there were stains everywhere. The person before me was a bit of a scruff really. It took a week of cleaning and painting just so I could move my stuff in.

If there’s a song lyric that accurately describes me the last two months it’s on The Script’s new album ‘Freedom Child’ from a song called ‘Arms Open’. (If you haven’t heard it, check it out on Spotify. It’s boss!)

“If you’re looking at the sky and thinking Lord you must be joking.”

I have cried so many times at the situations I was facing and then laughed like an idiot because it could only happen to me but now I am sat in my Living Room as I type this. No tv on and one of my puss cats sat on my arms while the fake flames in the fire flicker. I’ve had a bit of a pamper of myself and I’m feeling the epitome of zen. And I sit here and acknowledge that there’s still a lot of work to do on my house but that I’m out of the other side and my two months of being cursed by a deity above are over.

Meanwhile stay tuned for a boss post about a “free” holiday to the US in November. Purchase necessary.


#TheMinecraftProject Introduction

My son is an absolute nut over Minecraft. And I mean obsessed. He watched You Tube videos for hours on end of people playing the game and showing cheats, mods, and walk throughs. I feel like I know Dan TDM (The Diamond Minecart), Thinknoodles, and others like they live next door! He’s always playing on the game and has half the toys. So when I announced to him that we’d be moving house, he of course wanted his bedroom with a Minecraft theme.

Now for those of you reading this that may not have come across Minecraft before, it’s a computer game played in first person in which you build, mine, and create your own world. You can trade with villagers, fight zombies and skeletons, and even brew potions. It’s Medieval in its nature in that you grow your own food, smelt metals, and craft tools and weapons. It’s unique in its appearance in that everything is pixelated.

So I get online and have a look at stuff for his new bedroom. I’ll be honest with you here, stuff is limited in its availability and very expensive. Basic cushion covers – £8. Posters for the wall? Anything up to £20. The same for light shades and bedside lamps. £8 for a small wall canvas of a Minecraft face. Where there’s Minecraft there’s money to be made! Being a single mum on a very limited budget there is no way I could afford all of this. And, between you and me, the stuff that’s out there looks very cheap and one of my pet hates is stuff that looks cheaply made.

Now I’ve attempted decoupage in the past and it turned out really well. I’ve experience in using a paint brush and I’m a whizz at using a sewing machine to sew in straight lines! So I thought to myself; how hard could it really be? And I got to work. So this is the introduction, how I came about to start this really long, laborious process (some of this has taken ages to complete!), and what you can expect to see from me with hints and tips of how to get around the expense of a fully kitted out theme room.

Face canvasses

Cushion covers

Bedside table


Minecraft paper craft


I will link to all the above as and when I write them so make sure to keep an eye out and follow, especially if you’re looking to redecorate in the near future! You can also search #TheMinecraftProject on Instagram to see pictures of my progress so far. I am also hoping to showcase the finished room with the help of a Vlog although that involves skills I have not yet acquired! If anybody has any tips on making these please get in touch.